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In the development of our high-quality flexible frames, Miraflex takes into consideration the requirements of eyecare professionals as well as the needs and desires of our clients, both children and parents.

For parents, it is often a shock to hear that their child has to wear glasses, and one of their first thoughts is for the looks of the frame. For young children, the frames must be comfortable, colorful, and allow them to see better and to participate in their daily activities without any limitations.

Miraflex has several options for high-technology children's eyewear.

  • Our soft, Flexible and Safe frames have no metal components or hinges and are safe and comfortable for young children, babies, and those with special needs.
  • Our TerryFlex frames have no metal components. The hinges are a corregated part of the molded frame. These hard frames are made of TR90 Nylon. Unlike our Flexible & Safe frames, the TerryFlex frames are breakable.

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Miraflex USA Toll-free: 866-647-2359 Canada Toll-Free: 877-647-2359

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